Fostering Communication and
Innovation in the Candy Industry
Western Candy Conference
Fostering Communication & Innovation in the Candy Industry
2016 Conference
2015 Conference in Maui - Success
Our 2015 Western Candy
Conference held at the
Sheraton Maui at Black Rock
was a resounding success.  
We have posted pictures of
the conference in the
Photo Gallery
We are pleased to celebrate the
sweet victory that took place in the
2010 election. Washington voters
chose to repeal a food and beverage
tax that would have directly affected
the candy industry and cost
consumers nearly $300 million over
the next three years.  Western Candy
Conference and the National
Confectioners Association (NCA)
congratulate the NCA's Washington
Confectionery Coalition for promoting
and protecting the interests of the
confectionery industry.  For more
information, click the link below.
Washington Candy Tax
Sweet Victory for the Candy Industry
11480 No Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, California 92037

Phone:  858.453.4420

The Lodge at Torrey Pines
The Lodge at Torrey Pines
2016 WCC
Candy Industry Magazine has published an article by
Sara Clair, Chairman of the 2015 Western Candy
Conference,about our recent conference in
Maui, Hawaii.

Candy Industry Magazine - WCC2015
Congratulations to the Western Candy Conference
2015 honorees:

Harvey Barrett Award:
Mark Spini, Guittard Chocolate Company

50 Year Awards:
Herm Rowland, Jelly Belly Candy Company
Marion Saroni, Batory Foods
Jim and Carolyn Sconza, Sconza Candy Company
Tony Sweet, Sweet Candy Company

Hawaiian Confection Show:
Barry Callebaut - Passion Fruit Ganache Truffles -  
New Product of the Year Award
Brown & Haley - ROCA Thins - Most Innovative
Confection Award
Enstrom Candies - Mai Tai Truffles - Most Creative
Hawaiian Host - Munchy Crunchy with Macadamias-
Confectionery Creativity Award
Jelly Belly Candy Company - Tropical and Fruit Mixes
- Spirit of Western Candy Conference Award
Sconza Candy Company - Chocolate Crunch
Macadamias - Gourmet Product Development Award
Sweet Candy Company - Macadamia, Guava and
Mango Taffy - Exceptional Quality Award
Mahalo to Chef Teresa Shurilla of University of Hawaii Maui College and her
talented confectionery students for their phenomenal under-water themed
chocolate showpieces and presentations at our 2015 conference.
Mahalo to Hawaiian Host
for sponsoring the special
performance by Grammy
nominee Willie K